Love Speed Dating in London

We offer a wide selection of lovely speed dating in London events to suit all age ranges. We believe we have the best customer service, the best bars, and the best hosts, and offer the best overall customer experience. We have the best customer support available before, during and after the night to make sure you are successful. We have some of the best bars in the capital, and all of the bars that we use are exclusive use which will help make you feel relaxed and comfortable during the evening. We truly have the best hosts to make you feel welcome, put you at your ease and ensure you have an enjoyable night from start to finish. If you are single in London and would like to meet new people, make new friends and grow your social circle, then you will soon come to realise that you can grow to love speed dating in London too. It’s easy to book online for an event of your choice; it’s a smooth process and so you will soon be meeting many new single people your age range, in just one night; so check from the list which event is most suitable for you.


Speed Dating in London is a fun, popular and successful way of finding a new partner. There are many singles in London who are looking to find a new partner and what better way is there to meet so many people of a similar age range on the same night. Singles in London can enjoy speed dating events in exclusive venues which are easy to get to via car, taxi or tube. Usually we hold our singles events during the week rather than at weekends, as then the bars are generally less busy, meaning that you can relax easier with your dates. There are many successful relationships that have been formed by people who have met speed dating, and that makes us very happy; hopefully if you come to one of the events we list here, you too can be happy. Yes, you too could soon be on your way to forming a successful relationship with someone new.

I love dating in London lists Speed Dating events across the city. Customers have rated the events 4.5 out of 5 stars - based on over 43 reviews.